Surprising, yet innovative reading spots for your little bookworm. How nooks and crannies at homes can be transformed into pop up reading spaces?

It is all about location, location, location.

Ten Seconds Takeaway

Your child needs the perfect place to read that awesome book you got them. A child in possession of a good book must be in a place to read it. I know, avid readers love reading so much that they can devour a book anywhere they want. Yet, having some unique spot or a quick change of scenery can encourage a love for reading to a great extent. Irrespective of the size of the room or spot, you can still create an awesome reading nook for your young reader.Here are a few fun and innovative reading nooks that will have your children curl up with books!

Wardrobe book nook
While the reading area may be small, it is definitely big on imagination. Convert a side of your child’s cupboard or wardrobe into a mini, but fun, clubhouse loaded with storybooks, coloring books, and even school books. Shelf the books in such a way that they are at an arm’s reach. Cozy up the floor with comfy mattress and fluffy cushions and add a splash of bright colors and clever lighting. This is also a storage solution for you. Wind up the reading sesh, lock the cupboard and de-clutter your little one’s room!

Homemade tree house
Tents and shacks add an adventurous theme to the reading experience. How about going a step further and building your very own tree house? The twist: it’s indoor. Convert your storage cabinets in the ceiling into a hidey hole for your young ones to enjoy their reading time. Deck it up with cozy cushions, a number of classic story books, and a safe ladder to create a fun modern space. This extremely imaginative reading space brings adventure indoors.

Indoor tent house
Set up a teepee, a cozy little conical tent, in a corner of your child’s room to watch your little bookworm spend the afternoons curled up with a book. Jazz it up with fairy lights and fill it up with soft pillows and comfy blankets to make it a magical little hideout reading spot, especially for the winters.

Family reading station
Want to encourage the kids to take a break from tv? We all have a living room in the house that is usually also the tv room for the family. Add a comfortable reading corner to the living room might just do the trick. A delightful little reading station, stacked with books for the entire family will not only attract the children of the house to read but also get the rest of the family to devour books. Also, it is easier to develop an early love for reading in young children when they constantly see their parents and other caretakers constantly read.

Nook with a view
A small reading nook by the window makes for an elegant little library. A few shelved on the wall and add a quaint little table for a perfect little space for your unstoppable little bookworms. Make sure you select a window that is breezy, has a nice view and devoid of the busy street bustle to give your child a relaxed reading experience.

Lights, bean bags, action!
Finding all these DIY inspirations way too complicated? Here’s a simpler one. Display your child’s favourite titles on a shelf - add rail shelving on the wall to save space - in a well-lit corner of their room, add a classic lamp and a super-sized and super comfy bean bag, and you are in business. Keep a blanket handy during chilly nights as your young reader enjoys countless bedtime stories.

A little creativity can help you create an attractive and useful reading nook that both children and adults will adore.