We’ve got you sorted, don’t worry!

1. Ask yourself: Have you picked the right book?

If you pick a book that’s closer to your child’s other interests, there’s a high chance that he / she will not get bored easily. For instance, if your child loves to play football, find a book with a football enthusiast as the main character.

2. Join a reading challenge  or create one!

There are many fun reading challenges online (and even on Freadom!) that you can make your child participate in. It’s a healthy way of ensuring that reading is fun, and giving your child a sense of victory, completion and accomplishment.

3. Add another activity along with reading.

Have you tried a fancy dress reading party at home? Invite other kids to dress up as their favourite characters, click some amazing photos and squeeze in an hour of solid children’s reading time!

4. Read aloud in animated voices.It’s a great bonding activity to get a book with diverse characters and read aloud as each of those characters to your child. Try it with Mowgli! We’re sure your child would love to hear you speak as Bagheera or Sher Khan!

5. Stop making it about finishing the book.If your child feels that he / she is being compelled to ‘finish’ a book rather than just enjoy reading it, the joy will be sucked away. Make the process about reading - even it is 5 pages - rather than a race to finish the book.

Hope that was useful. Two additional pointers and this week’s Freadom Parent Tip comes from bestselling author and mom Jean Reagan who writes in Read Brightly:

Plan field trips as extensions of your shared readings. Visit construction sites, museums, festivals, music events, or perhaps something somber and soulful. Kids also love to voice opinions. (Don’t we all?) After a book, do a simple thumbs-up, down, or in between. Or be more elaborate with a book review notebook and star stickers. Also ask, “Would you change the story at all? What should happen next?”