I was looking at a lot of interesting parent portals before writing this, and one of the most burning questions that book-loving parents like you have is: “But how can I get my child to leave their phones for books?”

It’s a real problem faced by thousands of parents - we get it, and we get you.

Here are 3 ways we can fix this together:
1. Don’t shame the screen: Instead of portraying the phone as “the bad guy” and books as the hero, talk about both as healthy options for learning. This will not irritate your child, and instead, motivate him / her to enjoy both.

2. Let them choose their books (with a little bit of help): A lot of times, we feel we know best for our children. But what if we let them pick their own books (with some prodding)? It’ll make your child feel more connected to books.

3. Read-aloud nights: As a family activity, plan a 20-minute no-screen-time session at night where you read aloud to your child. It’s a very effective way to get him / her back to the book the next day, and a great bonding exercise as well.

Don’t believe us?

Well, check out this adorable photo of actor-writer Soha Ali Khan reading to her child. Yes - even celebrities trust this method!

Credit: Soha Ali Khan/ Twitter

My mother Bharti Mehta, a writer herself, sees us on our screens for most of the day, but still manages to motivate my sister and me to read.

She shares the Footnotes Parent Tip of the week here:

“It’s easy to tell your kids what not to do. But it’s more important to tell them what to do! Since their childhood, I made it a habit to carry a book with me everywhere so my kids would know that it’s a ‘necessity’, like a bottle of water! Today, they’ve made it a habit to always carry at least one book with them, and trust me - they manage to read more that way.”