Children who are raised in a print-rich environment become better and avid readers by the time they learn to read on their own. The number of books you have in your home is also linked to your child’s academic achievement.

We know, that as parents, you want to give your child the joy of reading but keeping up with their evolving skills and interests can sometimes be an expensive affair.

But wait! We have a solution for you.

With these pro tips we have stitched together just for you, sprinkled with some patience and planning, you can easily build your book lover’s library under a budget.

1. Check out books at your local/ school library

The local or school library should be the first port of call when looking to read under a budget. Libraries can be an absolute lifeline that offer a quiet place to study or relax. Apart from the paperbacks, Libraries also give access to audio-books, DVDs, newspapers and magazines from around the world and an exhaustive listicle of online publications. A visit to a library will not only help your child get access to a world of books, but encourage them to visit libraries regularly that enforces regular reading and learn to take care of the books. Additionally, a library card is more than a piece of plastic to put in the wallet. It regulates responsibility. Teach your child to treat their library card as the very first official document which shows them that they are part of a larger community.

2. Watch out for thrift shops and re-sellers

There are many used book stores in every nook and corner of the street that allow you to trade books for cash or store credit. So, you can keep bringing your old books to the store, trade them for a store credit, and then buy new books with those credits. Store credit added to the already reasonable prices means that you rarely end up spending a lump sum, and you child gets to walk out, satisfied, with a bag of at least three or four books.

3. Take advantage of offers

Look out for clearance sales and offers in bookstores. Most bookstores have on going sales and offers on best selling books around the year. For example, you will always find a wide section of books on ‘buy one, get one half price’ in several bookstores. Furthermore, major bookstore chains usually hold stock clearance sales at least once or twice a year where you can enjoy discounts upto 70%. Further, bookstores going out of business tend to sell out their stocks at a heavily discounted price. Although no one ever likes to see a bookstore go down, it can be a good time to load up on books at a discount. Furthermore, you can also check out online bookstores for an added discount. Websites like Flipkart, Amazon and India bookstore offer heavy discounts upto 80% on bestsellers.

4. Books by the kilo

Who doesn’t love a good deal on the things they love? And if it involves books, the experience can never be disappointing. There are several bazaars in all major cities brimming with piles and piles of best sellers where the price of the book doesn’t matter but the weight takes the cake. These days the latest trend in such bazaars are selling books by the kilo. You can pick books from a wide spectrum of available choices, get them weighed at the counter and pay accordingly. Many such bookstores sell books as inexpensive as INR 100 a kilo. This is a sure-fire way to get your little bookworm bag the top bestsellers and start their very own library at home.

We spoke to some of the parents of our freaders group and they all provided quite a few tips on where to get a book for a steal, one of them had a great tip to share with us.

Kanishk’s mother, Soumya shares the Freadom Parent Tip of the week:

“Many times, around my child’s birthday, close relatives and his grandparents ask me what would Kanishk like as a gift? I often suggest them to get him books that would increase his intellect and also keep him engrossed in reading. I think while a toy or coloring box is fun for a few weeks, a book can be part of your home for many years.”  

So, to conclude, building a budget friendly library for your child takes planning and patience. Keep your eyes on the prize and you will get there for sure. Books are an investment that will always be part of your home. Being surrounded with the magical world of books helps your child grow socially and emotionally. Furthermore, having a strong reading foundation helps your child academically and will encourage a love of reading forever. We hope that these tips help you give your child the priceless gift of reading!