The memories of bedtime stories are special and hold certain kind of sanctity for us.The joy that a child experiences from spending intimate moments with a parent at bedtime time are like no other. Not only is it a means to spend some time together but also a way to introduce children to the wonder of stories.

Here are some first-hand experiences of people who read a story to their children every night or have been read to by their parents. We also have a book list at the end for you to choose from for you next bedtime story.

We have grown up listening to our parents or grandparents weave stories at bedtime. We have not only been captivated by stories about the antics from our parent’s childhood but a myriad of folk and mythological tales. The memories of bedtime stories hold a certain kind of sanctity for us.The joy that a child experiences from spending intimate moments with a parent at bedtime are like no other. They not only enjoy these moments but need it for their healthy development. Bedtime stories boost the interaction between us and our child, and these interactions develop the child's logical thinking, morals, reasoning abilities and language skills. Children get to know the world and expand their horizons of imagination and creativity through stories. Most importantly, it is our time exclusively with our child which makes him/her feel loved and cherished.

Francesa Simon, the author of the popular Horrid Henry series, has this to say about her experience with her son:

“Reading to your kids is the absolute best time parents and children have together. I say this not only as a writer but as the parent of a now grown-up son. You snuggle up; it's calm and cosy. There is nothing that reduces stress more than 20 minutes of reading together. We continued bedtime stories until he was 11 when he literally pushed us out of his room. I'd still be reading to him today – he's 24 – if he'd let me. And it's not because I'm a Super mum. It's because reading to him and with him were some of the best times we had together.”

Here are some bedtime story experiences from our team:

“Bedtime changes into reading time and fun time. He keeps asking for ‘just one more’ and that is a win-win feeling!” - Mohita, mother of 3-year-old Nivaan

“My dad read/told me bedtime stories which I use, quote, remember and cherish even today. Those are beautiful memories that have stayed with me after 25 years of my father’s death.” - Jayanthi R Prasad, Growth Ambassador

“I remember my children wanting to read the same stories over and over again. My elder one, simply adored 'Rumpelstiltskin' and the younger couldn’t get enough of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. By the end of it, I knew every word by heart. Those were the magical years when I would snug with my kids in a warm duvet, savour their sweet scent and best experience the incomparable joys of motherhood.” - Anuradha Kaistha, mother of two boys aged 18 and 14

“Reading to my kids was a special time. Tucked together in bed, with a favourite book in hand, time stopped still. They liked to read stories that they could relate to, like characters of their age, doing things they do. Nature fascinated them. So we would read about the animal world too.” - Ami Gandhi, mother of two children aged 20 and 16

We conclude by recommending ‘all-time favourite titles’ for bedtime stories:

  1. Aesop Fables
  2. Ladybird Classics
  3. Thousand and One Nights
  4. Panchatantra
  5. Jataka
  6. Famous Five and other Enid Blyton stories
  7. Hardy Boys
  8. Chapters from the Harry Potter series
  9. Mythological epics such as Mahabharat, Ramayana, Medusa & Athena
  10. Life events and teachings of Gautam Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc.